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Cake & "Pi" Day in the same week!

National "Pi" Day (March 14th, or 3.14) is always rather anticlimactic for me, but for a delicious reason- it falls two days after my birthday! So, just as the last slivers of birthday cake are being picked at…..along comes PI DAY and we get to add another glorious confection. Plus, you can eat berry pie for breakfast without feeling like a total loser :)

Here are some iconic spots in Silicon Valley to find your new favorite!

Duarte's Tavern

Open since 1894 and run by the fourth generation of the Duarte family, they still brew the day’s first cup of coffee for local farmers. Make a monthly pilgrimage to enjoy their famous artichoke soup, and take home a couple of their heart-warming berry pies.

Peter's Bakery

Open since 1936, their pie menu includes a whole section just for whipped cream pies. But only certain pies are made on certain days, to keep ingredients fresh and customers on their toes. This place is the real deal- small, family owned, and wants to keep it that way!

The Prolific Oven

Best to think ahead here because they require two-days notice in order to bake your whole pie from scratch, but do stop by anytime to enjoy an individual slice, or one of their locally famous cookies. And above all, make SURE their pies are on your Thanksgiving table!

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