• Julie Balzer

Creatures of the Dish

In 1961, the Department of Defense commissioned the construction of a large radio telescope in the Stanford Foothills to detect enemy planes and the effects of nuclear blasts on the upper atmosphere. The size and location of what locals refer to as the "Big Dish" gave it instant local landmark status. Indeed, visitors and locals appreciate the rigor and beauty of the 3.5-mile path looping directly past this massive Cold War relic.

Kids love watching the squirrels bound across the field (yes, this one belongs to me!)

Springtime is especially gorgeous at the Dish, when animals are busily scurrying around in the green grass and sunshine.

Squirrels are the easiest to spot, and you can see the occasional deer at the right time of day. Racoons live in the foothills too- of course they make themselves scarce before the trail opens for humans in the morning.

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