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Silicon Valley Commute Hacks

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

In 2006, a man named David Givens won $10,000 and national recognition for having the longest commute in America for his daily 374-mile round trip for his job at Cisco in San Jose. He certainly made the most of it, telling the San Jose Mercury News, "It's actually exhilarating, driving a fancy car down Highway 1 with the top down. I enjoy taking the curves. It feels like I'm a professional driver going down a closed course."

While most of us wouldn’t aspire to this routine, commute times are increasing in Silicon Valley (as in other metropolitan areas), so let’s take a page from Mr. Givens’ book and pursue the joy within the grind.

Take the train!

Alcohol is legal on Caltrain most of the time (besides game / special event days after 9pm)! Bring a beer, wine, or cocktail! If you're a cyclist who likes beer, get to know the party cars. (SB 378, the 5:33 SF departure, is one. NB 275, 267, or 369 are northbound ones http://sf2g.com/partycar.html

Some of the more mundane, but crucial, Caltrain “hacks” can be found here.

Ride your bike!

No excuses. It’s beautiful here. Seriously consider joining our vibrant and friendly cycling community. Explore routes and plan your trip here. Brush up on bike safety.

Need a kick in the stretchy pants? May 9th is Bike to Work Day, when companies and organizations across the region sponsor Energizer Stations to provide riders with refreshments and goody bags. Make the pledge to ride here!

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